February Employee of the Month

Habaneros Truro

 Brendan Backman

Brendan Backman

Brendan joined our Habaneros family on November 20th for the opening launch and has brought a significant amount of energy and exuberance to the floor. Not many people have the uncanny ability to be as happy as they can possibly appear to be, consistently like Brendan, and give his all, day in day out.

We all have lives outside of the workplace, but those individuals that can rise above the madness in the world, truly are special when it comes to delivering a memorable customer experience. Please take note to Brendan’s kind energy and congratulate him on his efforts to go above and beyond ensuring you have a pleasant experience in our restaurant. Congratulations Brendan.

Chef Tanner Morgan

January Supervisor of the Month

Habaneros Burnside

Robert Dion

It is with great pleasure that I award the Supervisor of the Month to Robert Dion. Rob has worked his way through our kitchens with his "can do" attitude, and inquiring how he can make improvements. He wants to be the guy who shows he can do more than just what needs to be done, and to be a leader that makes a difference. 

Rob has worked in Cheese Curds and moved his way around all the kitchens in Truck-Side. Finally he found a home in Habaneros, where he took the kitchen and turned it into a well oiled machine. Rob likes the full tilt atmosphere and does a superb job of motivating his teammates. His professional work habits and focus on efficient kitchen production makes him a leader that we can all appreciate. Thank you Rob, very much deserved. 

Executive Chef, Ronnie Lace

Congratulations Rob!

January Employee of the Month

Cheese Curds Woodside

Tanya MacPhee

Tanya has been with us now for nearly a year, starting right before Halifax Burger Week last year with only a couple shifts under her belt before the madness began. I knew right away that she was going to fit in, as most people would run for the hills being thrown into that position, but she took it in stride and was awarded employee of the month soon after. 

In the past year Tanya has proven to be a valued member of the Chef Inspired team, learning each day the ins and outs of the business and helping out where needed. She’s always upbeat and chipper, and carries on with the other staff while maintaining a great work ethic. With Burger Week fast approaching once again, I will be looking to Tanya to help out with all the extra prep, and there is no doubt in my mind she will be a shining star once again. Congratulations on the recognition you deserve Tanya, and happy early 1st year anniversary! Looking forward to what the future has in store for you here with us.

Chef Ryan Faulkner

January Employee of the Month

Cheese Curds Burnside

Brian Newell

Brian started with us about 4 months ago and has proven to be the back bone behind the scenes that no one hardly sees. His work ethic and dedication to his position of kitchen attendant is admirable, as is the work he does alongside of his great teammates. 

It's a highlight of my day when other staff members come to me and suggest a certain person to take this award. Not only deserving, but he’d equally pass it up and offer it to a coworker. In moments like this, I feel every member of my kitchen is deserving of this award. 

Brian is always saying how much he likes it here, and thanks me for this opportunity to work in such a well rounded place where the work is fun and the people alongside of him are such great team players. Brian, a job well done. It shows the people in the back do get recognized.

Executive Chef, Ronnie Lace

January Employee of the Month

Cheese Curds/Habaneros Truro

Tanya Sylliboy

Tanya is another employee who’s been with us from the very beginning and has shown tremendous progress. Don’t let her shy, reserved demeanor fool you. Tanya has managed to handily control several high stress positions on the Cheese Curds line, all without blinking an eye. Her calm/collected approach is contagious and corals the team together to get through the busy periods.

If you see Tanya around the restaurant please take a moment to congratulate her on her early success here with Chef Inspired. Congratulations Tanya.

Chef Tanner Morgan

2017 Employee of the Year

Sometimes we have to look inward to see the shining star. Someone who humbly does their job day in and day out without looking for gratification for all the amazing work he produces. Keith is the backbone to our marketing team. He's our graphic designer who creates magic every time he designs a new poster to make our food or our locations look so good.

Some hazards of the job may be food styling and taking pictures of amazing looking food, then figuring out who gets to eat it. Whether it's organizing the point of sale terminals for new locations or helping to BBQ new menu items out back, our marketing coordinator takes on all roles with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. Well deserving of our 2017 Employee of the Year award, congratulations Keith. 

Chef Bill Pratt
Chef Inspried Group of Restaurants

Keith MacLeod

2017 Employee of the Year, Honourable Mention

Chef Ryan Faulkner

Over the past 6 years, Ryan has grown from a line cook to supervisor, sous chef, assistant manager and now for the past 2 years, kitchen manager of 2 very busy restaurants in Woodside, Dartmouth (our original Cheese Curds restaurant location).

Ryan has grown and matured as a very strong leader who takes his role very seriously to develop and mentor younger people getting into the industry for the first time, and in a lot of cases their first jobs.

Woodside Cheese Curds and Habaneros is a well oiled machine that continues to look amazing while serving awesome food to thousands of customers each week.

Congratulations Ryan on being our honourable mention 2017 Employee of the Year.

Chef Bill Pratt
Chef Inspired Group of Restaurants

December Employee of the Month

Cheese Curds / Habaneros Truro

Kellan has been with our team from the get go and he’s showed nothing but determination and eagerness to learn new skills. He’s quickly become one of the key performers in our operation here in Millbrook. Others look to him for energy and guidance which is generally a sought-after quality in this business.

Although many of our staff have been performing at a high level of success, Kellan has remained poised and asked questions in times of uncertainty. If you see Kellan in the restaurant, please take a moment to congratulate him on his early success here with Cheese Curds & Habaneros. He’ll most likely show you his amicable smile and ask you to kindly cheer for his favourite football team, the Denver Broncos! Congratulations Kellan.

Chef Tanner Morgan

Kellan Schrock

November Employee of the Month

Cheese Curds / Habaneros Truro

Jeff Olsen

Jeff joined us right from the start in October and showed nothing but class, hard work and dedication. His enthusiasm and genuine personality is something we all feed off here in Truro. His willingness to help his colleagues lift something heavy or assist a customer with our futuristic soda machine in the dining room is just another reminder that he’s the perfect candidate for this award. 

Jeff’s appetite for success matches, if not surpasses, his voracious appetite for our delicious hot dogs that he consumes on the daily. We’ve all heard it before, and it’s the same in most work places, but even more so apparent in the restaurant industry, that it’s ‘The Staff” that are remembered by our valued customers. Especially when they go the extra mile to ensure a pleasant experience.

When you see Jeff around the restaurant, please take a moment to
remind him that he’s doing great work and you’ll witness firsthand what a terrific guy he is. Congratulations Jeff… job well done!!!

Chef Tanner Morgan

October Employee of the Month

Truck-Side; U-Pick-Fish, Sea-Hawgs

Eric Lacourse

Eric joined us in Burnside from Woodside over a year ago. We were looking for people who wanted a change and were eager to grow within our company. Eric took that challenge and enthusiastically went to work in U-Pick-Fish food truck. He is highly dedicated and takes great pride in his work, never wanting to disappoint anyone. He appreciates the opportunity we’ve offered him and strives to make the perfect piece of fish for his customers every time. 

Eric has now moved to face another challenge in Sea-Hawgs food truck. We will wait for his supervisor to let us know if his pizzas are as good as his fish. Eric, thank you for the effort you constantly give and the pride you put into producing the best possible product. I see you going along way with us. Well deserved Employee of the Month, congratulations 

Chef Ronnie Lace