Employee Spotlight

Sous Chef Colby Veinotte



Sous Chef Colby Veinotte


Sous Chef at the original Cheese Curds in Woodside. Started as a line cook, moved up to grill cook, expeditor, & supervisor within 3 years


April 2012

Why'd you want to work with us, and what's your favourite part about it?

"I came into cheese curds way back when for the first time and noticed how upbeat and fun that place looked. From that moment I realized I wanted to work in a place that is just as fun as it looks. I love working with the public and am grateful for all the friends I have made while working here; customers and coworkers alike." 

Future aspirations?

"I just want to keep cooking and learning, and see where that takes me!"


"Hobbies include camping, hiking, skateboarding and photography"

Our thoughts...

"Colby joined us just two months after opening the first Cheese Curds in 2012, and got a taste of what being "in the weeds" really is!  He started off as a line cook and worked his way up the ladder to grill cook, expeditor, supervisor and finally Sous Chef, and I'm proud to call him my right hand man. Colby has a sense of calm around him at all times and handles stressful situations with patience and ease. Still to this day I've never seen him lose his cool under the most trying conditions.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for him in the company as I know one day he will be managing his own location."

Chef Ryan Faulkner