Employee Spotlight

 Justin Farmer

Justin Farmer


Justin Farmer


Front line cashier extraordinaire 


Day 1, about hour before the doors first opened at Cheese Curds. I'll never forget the 1st day

Why'd you want to work with us, and what's your favourite part about it?

"Those are two different questions in my eyes. I first heard Bill Pratt was interested in trying me out as a cashier for his new restaurant, I was excited.  He offered me more hours and better pay than I was making, and I had been looking for something better. It was a new opportunity, and I gladly accepted."

"My favourite part is probably the atmosphere. It never feels like I'm really going to work, but going out and making people's day better. And the people here are just a great team, we're our own little family. I know that may seem corny, but it's the simplest way to describe it."

Future aspirations?

"Aside from extensive travelling, I'd like to impact a large scale audience in some positive manner. My vision is to make people want to be better by my own future successes."


"I love basketball. In the summer is the best, but I've joined a league for the colder weather. I look forward to playing every game."

Our thoughts...

"Young Justin Farmer started with us at our original Cheese Curds restaurant almost 4 years ago. From the beginning I knew I had a gem with this young man because of the passion and enthusiasm he put into the job. It's easy to say that some people either love him or hate him, but until you truly get to know Justin and understand that he's just trying to deliver the best experience for each and everyone of our customers, do you then truly understand the passion he puts into each order. Sometimes he'll make you laugh, while other times he'll make you cringe, but just know that he's very sincere and always trying to make your visit with us at Cheese Curds a memorable one. I can honestly say we'd be lost with out Justin on our team. Congratulations Justin"

Chef Bill Pratt