Employee Spotlight

 Sarah Brill

Sarah Brill


Sarah Brill


Office Administrator, AKA Office Wizard for the entire group of Chef Inspired Restaurants.


February 2014 for a work term, and have been here ever since.

Why'd you want to work with us, and what's your favourite part about it?

"For the chance to be part of a growing and exciting company.  
My favourite part about my job is, learning new things every chance I get, the atmosphere and the people that I get to work with are pretty great.

Future aspirations?

"To keep doing what I love, and learn new things along the way."


"Scrapbooking, I enjoy turning an ordinary photo into something extraordinary.  And building Lego, it's relaxing and takes me back to my childhood, except I don't have to share with my brother"

Our thoughts...

"Sarah's official title may be Office Administrator but she is far more than that. Sarah started out with us almost 2 years ago on a co-op term assisting our then external bookkeeper and we hired her on as soon as her work term was finished. She has quickly grown to take over the entire bookkeeping workload (which has tripled in size over those 2 years), she handles many other accounting and admin duties and also acts as the Burnside location's Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator. If you need to know anything about anything and don't know where to find it, chances are you'll go see Sarah.

Sarah has been a great addition to the team and is a pleasure to work with - just don't steal her label maker."

Melinda Lee, CFO