Employee Spotlight

 Chef Michael "Dirk" Lombard

Chef Michael "Dirk" Lombard


Chef Michael Lombard


Catering Chef. Promoted from every position in the Cheese Curds kitchen, to Sous Chef, and now manages our catering division.


November 2012. 



Why'd you want to work with us, and what's your favourite part about it? 

"I like to learn, and challenge myself. My favourite things are cooking from scratch, working with such a great team, and interacting with customers!"

Future aspirations?

"To have a family of my own someday, a successful business, and find balance with the two."

Our thoughts...

"Michael is a natural born leader, and he does so with charisma.  A mentor and friend to his colleagues.  With us since nearly the beginning, he's recently taken over the catering division, and is helping build a strong reputation for excellent service, and superior quality."

Awarded Employee of the Year 2015

Chef Kyle Christofferson