Employee Spotlight

 Chef Olivia Hatt

Chef Olivia Hatt


Chef Olivia Hatt


Kitchen Manager - Habaneros Burnside. Started as a grill cook, promoted to production cook, and now manages our busy Habaneros kitchen


April 2013

Why'd you want to work with us, and what's your favourite part about it?

"I chose to work with Cheese Curds & Habaneros because I love to cook real food. My favorite part? I learn so much everyday, and working with such a great team of people." 

Future aspirations?

"To live life with passion, to love like it was my last day, and to learn everything and anything under the sun. Anything else that happens along the way is just a bonus."

Our thoughts...

"Olivia is an integral part of the team, she brings professionalism and style to the job.  She is one of the most skilled grill cooks we have ever had work with us, and she constantly pushes herself to reach higher. She is a model employee!"

Chef Kyle Christofferson