Employee Spotlight

Chef Colton Mackie


Chef Colton Mackie


Manager - Habaneros South Park St., Halifax


9 February 2012, before opening the 1st Cheese Curds®

Why'd you want to work with us, and what's your favourite part about it?

"I wanted the opportunity to work with Chef Bill Pratt. I actually waited and struggled for a bit while waiting to start work, 100% "Worth the Wait"
Taking a step back from the hotel game and fine dining to produce Chef Inspired comfort food from scratch using fresh, local ingredients appealed to me. Feeding the work force, helping people feel good about what they eat, and receiving the feedback from the community is my favorite part.

The job comes with many perks as well. I would recommend this job to anyone who wanted to try something different in the F&B industry or to someone who wants to learn some new skills. You never know where it could lead

Future aspirations?

"Helping to grow the company & expand my skill sets by working with our many other talented and experienced Chefs. I would like to own my own restaurant someday, travel the world and start a car collection"


"Motorsport Enthusiast - I feel the need, the need for speed. Top speed 235 km/hr... so far.  Avid Golfer - I used to golf everyday while working at Elk Ridge Resort now I try to get out as much as possible.  Aspiring Whiskey Connoisseur - Always trying a different cask. Music - An ever growing, eclectic vinyl record collection"

Our thoughts...

"Chef Colton started with me at the very beginning of Cheese Curds® and has grown in both his culinary achievements as well as his leadership skills. In just 3 and a half short years he's grown from a line cook to supervisor, Sous Chef, Assistant Restaurant Manager and now as a Restaurant Manager running his own store. I'm sure there will be many more opportunities as he continues to prove himself in our Group of Restaurants. Congratulations Chef Colton"

Chef Bill Pratt