Employee Spotlight

Chef Ryan Faulkner


Chef Ryan Faulkner


Restaurant Manager/Chef, Cheese Curds® & Habaneros™, Woodside


February 2012, before it all began

Why'd you want to work with us, and what's your favourite part about it?

"I wanted to work here as soon as I found out a new place was opening so close to home. Once I came in for my first interview and got to see some of Bill's visions and ideas for the future as to where he wanted to take the company I knew this was the place for me. I was really excited to see the restaurant coming together before my very eyes and feel very lucky to be a part of the process of helping Dean and Bill bring his vision to life.

My favorite part, would definitely have to be being able to pass on the wisdom and tricks of the trade I have learned over the past 15 years in the industry. Watching people grow in the company and expanding their knowledge of cooking is very rewarding."

Future aspirations?

"Would be bringing the new comers along and teaching them how to become supervisors and managers of their own so they can one day get to return the favour while managing or supervising their own location."

Something many may not know about you?

"I think I will go with something quirky here, my eyes change colour from blue to green and vice versa depending on the way light hits them."

Our thoughts...

"Ryan was the first employee hired in Cheese Curds 4 years ago. He started before we opened the doors and found himself in the midst of construction of the first Gourmet Burger restaurant in Halifax. Even though he started as a grill cook, he quickly stepped up into a supervisory role then on to a Sous Chef role by the end of the first year. 

As we continued to grow, so did Ryan. By regularly taking on more responsibility, he soon found himself as the assistant manager of one of the busiest burger restaurants on the East coast of Canada. When our new Truck-Side Food Truck Food Court launched in 2015, our Executive Chef moved over and Ryan was the obvious choice to take over as the new Restaurant Manager & chef of not only Cheese Curds Gourmet Burgers, but Habaneros Modern Taco Bar just 3 doors down from the original store. If there ever was a success story, Ryan is it, as he's gone from a basic grill cook to running 2 restaurants in only 4 years. There is lots of opportunities for people to move up in our company and Chef Ryan is a testament to that growth.

Congratulations Ryan on such an amazing accomplishment."

Chef Bill Pratt