September Employee of the Month

Cheese Curds Burnside

Kyle (Terry) Kirby

Kyle was a kitchen attendant when I first took over at Cheese Curds. Pounding out dishes like a mad man, then getting things done in the prep area. Wasn't long before he moved up to the Cheese Curds garnish and cash line and greeted everyone with a firm "Hey how you doing." The quirky jokes he makes up always keep me laughing and wondering where he gets them. 

When I put him to the challenge in Habaneros Modern Taco Bar he quickly proved himself to be the kind a guy that puts his head down and gets his job done. A treat to work with, and is always there when you need him. Great work Terry. I'll take this opportunity to use one of your jokes; glad you were like a camera and you focused. Focused on being who you are. Don't go changin...

Chef Ronnie Lace

EOTM Group Sept 2016.jpg

Well done Kyle, congratulations!