October Employee of the Month

Gecko Bus / Habaneros

Jacob Fox

Jacob started his Habaneros career aboard Gecko Bus in March 2014. He was an instrumental part of our teams early success as we launched the Bus. Jacob is a hard worker, who cheerfully volunteered for extra shifts as our popularity grew. He is invariably well spoken, polite and professional.

Business for Gecko Bus slows down in the winter- so last winter Jacob worked at Habaneros in Woodside, where he quickly became an integral part of their team. In the Spring of this year he returned to Gecko Bus. As the colder weather begins to set in this fall, Jacob is working 2 shifts a week at our South Park location, and 3 shifts a week aboard Gecko Bus.

No matter where he works- Jacob brings his best effort in a cheerful and professional manner. For his positivity, dedication and flexibility, Jacob Fox is Octobers EOTM!

Gecko Bus Captain, Mark Piper

 Congratulations Jacob, from all the crew aboard Gecko Bus! 

Congratulations Jacob, from all the crew aboard Gecko Bus!