October Employee of the Month

Cheese Curds - Woodside

 Chelsea Cluett

Chelsea Cluett

Chelsea joined our team just over 3 months ago and has learned so much in that short time. Starting off as a cashier, but quickly learned the menu and how we cook everything. She now loves working the other stations and letting someone else work the cash.  

Without having any prior kitchen experience she truly has emerged as part of our team and everyone loves working with her. A quick learner, you can tell how proud she is when she learns something new by the look on her face and wanting to tell everyone about it. 

Chelsea does whatever is asked of her, is always on time, never calls in sick and doesn't mind filling in for someone when needed. To top it off she comes into work with a smile and carries on with the staff. What more could a chef ask for. Thank you, and keep up the great work Chelsea!!

Chef Ryan Faulkner