November Employee of the Month

Cheese Curds Burnside

Deonte Reddick

Deonte has been working with the Chef Inspired team over 2 years now, starting as a kitchen porter in the dish area and general clean up of the restaurant. He has demonstrated great initiative and a keen interest in learning other kitchen stations, and is now fully trained on all stations in Cheese Curds and U-Pick-Fish.

Deonte has always been someone that can be depended on. Although quiet at times, he is focused, has a great sense of humour and is always very positive. A great attitude cannot be taught.. it can be nurtured, but it is ultimately up to the individual to take it upon themselves to create. 

We are very proud to have him on the team, and look forward to helping him sharpen his skills as a cook. Congratulations Deonte, you've worked hard, and we’re proud to award you employee of the month!

Chef Kyle Christofferson

Well done Deonte, from the gang at Truck-Side.