November Supervisor of the Month

Keith MacLeod

Chef Inspired Group of Restaurants

Far too often the administrative staff behind the scenes get overlooked simply because their work may not impact the customers directly. However our own Keith MacLeod breaks that mould.  

Keith has been with us for over a year and a half now and continues to play a critical role in our marketing department. You may not realize it, but Keith is the guy who photo shoots all the new food special posters, then designs and acquires the posters for us. Some would say this is a tough job having to trial all the new food products first hand, but he seems to think it's a job of a lifetime. All kidding aside, Keith plays a pivotal role in our company with his creative work and ideas, from designing our logos, marketing campaigns, and helping us display the food our customers get to enjoy. 

One of our greatest compliments we receive from our customers is when they say "Hey, this looks exactly like the photo". It's no wonder, because we don't have any magic tricks when displaying our food, we simply prepare the food, then take a photo of it. From all the staff at Chef Inspired Group, congratulations Keith, well done. 

Chef Bill Pratt

Congrats Keith, from all the staff of Chef Inspired Group