Employee Spotlight

Chef "Tan-Man" Morgan


Chef Tanner Morgan


Chef, Gweilo Asian Noodle Bar at Truck-Side Food Truck Food Court


March 2015



Why'd you want to work with us, and what's your favourite part about it?

"I'd worked with Chef Bill Pratt a few years back, up in Fort McMurray, Alberta.  He ran our Hospitality Department at McDonald Island Park, where I performed as his Executive Sous Chef, helping our team of 12 run events from 10 to 10,000 patrons.  Having Bill at the helm gave me the piece of mind and confidence to flex my skills and grow as a chef, knowing full well that I'd always be part of something special as long as he was in the picture.  

That been said, having run dry of work overseas on a short work stint with Compass Group for the 2014 Ryder Cup Golf Tournament in Scotland, and a few other events, I decided to come join forces with Bill and Chef Kyle.  We'd kept in touch a few times after Bill left Fort McMurray to come start his empire out east, and he promised me a spot on his team; as he liked my work ethic and attitude.  It's been quite the journey thus far and know full well that he won't disappoint in the future.  With all his crazy ideas, it's like working for Willy Wonka....wait a sec....Billy Wonka??"

Future aspirations?

"I've always wanted to run my own operation.  Whether it's a small bistro type outfit or a proven franchise with a trendy forecast and promising stamina, I believe I'm in it for the long haul."


"I thoroughly enjoy travelling to new countries and immersing myself into foreign culture.  It gives people such a cool insight as to how we live our day to day lives, and how we'd like to adapt/change our current ways of living for the better.

I also enjoy Food, new foods mostly...ingredients I haven't seen/tasted before. Camping with friends/family, watching Movies at the local Cineplex or Drive-in (if ya got one).  Adventures like Sky Diving (YOLO), and day dreaming about the next time I get to golf....I fricken love golf!  Oh and Scrabble...great game!"

Our thoughts

"Chef Tanner (The Tan-Man) used to work for me many years ago in Ft McMurray and I knew then that I wanted him to join my team when I started my own restaurant company someday. The Tan-Man, I used to refer to as Grasshopper as he grew with me, is a creative chef whose desire to learn and continually grow in the industry is admirable. Challenged with opening an Asian fusion restaurant concept, he researched his work, played in the kitchen and helped transform Gweilo Asian Noodle bar into the success it is today. With more tools in his toolbox, I'm sure he will continue to flourish with us for years to come, and hopefully be managing his own team in the near future. Congratulations Tan Man."

Chef Bill Pratt