April Employees of the Month

Cheese Curds / Truck-Side - Burnside

The Pratt brothers, André & Guy

These two boys are full of passion, in and out of the kitchen. Both Guy and André have played hockey for most of their lives, and showed a keen interest in body building a few years back. André took it several steps further, going on to compete at a national level in power lifting and physique competition, where he broke and set multiple new records. 

Being it a family business, they started working at Cheese Curds since the very beginning. The original Cheese Curds was incredibly busy for a long time from the moment the doors opened. Guy and André were the driving force in the back of house. The two of them spent hours breading onion rings, chipping fries, pounding hamburgers, making sauces, and carefully crafting all the other in house items that make Cheese Curds so extraordinary.

Both showed an interest in the kitchen immediately, and were eager to learn as much as possible about the business. But their inspiration did not end there. As Bill continued to open restaurants, the boys chose to remain close and seize the opportunity to learn from their dad and the team of skilled culinary artists that worked with him. 

Two years ago the brothers joined the team at Cheese Curds and Habaneros in Burnside. The Burnside location expanded to open Truck-Side the following year, and with it 3 new restaurants were created. With a solid base of knowledge in quick service, Guy and André once again faced the opportunity to learn various cuisines. The two of them have now been cross trained on every position between all the restaurants, and have had several experiences participating in catered events. They have a great foundation in the industry and now are departing Halifax to expand their knowledge and hone their skills.

Guy & André are beginning an apprenticeship with internationally acclaimed chef Michael Smith at Fireworks and The Inn at Bay Fortune. After their summer stint, they'll be attending the culinary arts program at the Holland College in Charlottetown, PEI this coming September. We are incredibly proud of the boys achievements so far, and know that they will work very hard and continue to excel. 

Needless to say, there are some great things on the horizon for the Pratt boys. Not having them on the team for the next year will mean that there are big shoes to fill, and they will be sorely missed.  We look forward to seeing how their careers develop, and patiently wait for the day that they return to the Chef Inspired team.

Good luck boys!

Chef Kyle Christofferson

 All the best Guy & André

All the best Guy & André