June Employee of the Month


Another silent, but get er' done type of guy. Justin started in the dish area and continued to bang out anything that came his way. He came in with a positive attitude, a Mohawk 8" high and couldn't get a hat on his head that wouldn't fall off because of it. He worked his way out of his natural surroundings of the dish area to CC Gourmet Dogs + Poutine food truck, and is now starting in U-pick-Fish in Truck-Side.  A great guy (when he has his 10th coffee in him), an individual that takes great pride in his work and is keen on the coming adventures of our CC world, such as the huge event, The Village Feast in PEI with chefs Bill and Kyle.

I am more than honored to award Justin the employee of the Month for June. It's not always the guys that do the little things that get rewarded, it's the guys that do the little things and do them well and keeps looking for more, that keeps me on my heels. Congrats Justin!

Chef Ronnie Lace

Justin Burke

Well done Justin, from all of us at Chef Inspired Group of Restaurants!