Employee of the Year 2016

Executive Chef Ronnie Lace

Chef Ronnie has been with our company now for nearly 5 years and he continues to outshine, out work and out sing everyone in our company. Over the years, I’ve seen Ronnie grow from a senior cook into a superior leader and mentor of his subordinates. He coaches and mothers them like they’re his own kids, always trying to get the most out of them and pushing them to do better in order to succeed.

An employer's dream employee, he regularly puts the company ahead of his own needs, while looking for ways to improve service and reduce overall costs. Chef Ronnie has helped grow our company to where we are today through hard work and determination for us to be successful.

It’s my pleasure and honour to announce Chef Ronnie as our employee of the Year for 2016.


Chef Bill Pratt


Executive Chef Ronnie Lace