October Employee of the Month

Truck-Side; U-Pick-Fish, Sea-Hawgs

Eric Lacourse

Eric joined us in Burnside from Woodside over a year ago. We were looking for people who wanted a change and were eager to grow within our company. Eric took that challenge and enthusiastically went to work in U-Pick-Fish food truck. He is highly dedicated and takes great pride in his work, never wanting to disappoint anyone. He appreciates the opportunity we’ve offered him and strives to make the perfect piece of fish for his customers every time. 

Eric has now moved to face another challenge in Sea-Hawgs food truck. We will wait for his supervisor to let us know if his pizzas are as good as his fish. Eric, thank you for the effort you constantly give and the pride you put into producing the best possible product. I see you going along way with us. Well deserved Employee of the Month, congratulations 

Chef Ronnie Lace