October Supervisor of the Month

Truck-Side; Cheese Curds, Sea-Hawgs

 Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller

Andrew (Dr. Drae) has been with the company for 4 years now, starting out in Woodside as a dishwasher and moved up to the main grill line shortly after. I took the role of executive chef at our Burnside location when it opened and a year later when we opened Truck-Side, I brought Andrew along for the ride, making him the supervisor of one of the food trucks.  He’s a quiet man that hardly says a word but when he tells his team something they listen (with a little help from me of course). He’s been working the Cheese Curds grill and the Sea-Hawgs food truck for a while now, and living the dream along side of me with his saying “This is it!!” His pizzas and the ribs are consistently the top of their class.

Andrew is one of a kind, working whenever I need him, wherever I need him and pushes the team when he’s in the driver seat. I think he wants to follow me in my singing career that went nowhere, but at least he tries. A good friend and a leader that continues to work hard. Thanks a lot Drew, you make it easier for me to sleep at night. 

Executive Chef Ronnie Lace