October Employee of the Month

Cheese Curds Woodside

 Rachel Powell

Rachel Powell

Rachel has been with us since August of this year and we couldn't be happier. She showed us that she was eager for the position, even calling me back to see how the interviews went. Within 2 days of hiring her I knew she was the perfect fit for the job. It didn't take her long to learn how everything was done and was already looking for other things to do, as she never stops. If you come into our Woodside location you will always see her cleaning, wiping things down, tidying things up and taking care of everything as if it was her own home.

I really appreciate having someone looking after all the little things, and you can tell as soon as you walk into the back of the kitchen that Rachel is working by how clean everything is. On top of that she always has candy in her pocket to give someone when they are feeling down. If you mention that you like freshly baked cookies or homemade bread, within a couple days she comes in with some just to brighten up your day. Always looking to do more and to stay busy is Rachel's motto, and this award is very well deserved. Congratulations Rachel, I would say keep up the great work but we both know I don't have to do that, in fact it's ok to slow down a bit every now and then. 

Chef Ryan Faulkner