March Employee of the Month


Jason Awalt

Jason came to Burnside just a few months ago thoroughly trained from our Habaneros Woodside location, which is a huge asset for us during such a busy time. He is a quiet guy until you get to know him. A smooth operator, handles stressful situations well, and is great when it comes to customer service. And he’s very versatile, mastering the wok station at Gweilo and learning different stations in Truckside.

Burger Week was the busiest week we have ever seen and Jason rarely even took a break. He was one of the "go-to" guys for prep, extra hands on the line, or filling in on another station. He has really proved himself to be a valuable team player, and it's great having him on our team. Congratulations, and thank you for all your hard work Jason!

Corporate Chef Kyle Christofferson