April Supervisor of the Month

Habaneros South Park St.

Chef Jamie Sawler

You may know Jamie by his signature smile at Habaneros on South Park St., or maybe from his last recognition as employee of the month. This time, after taking over the South Park St. Head Chef position from myself, Jamie has once again stepped up to the plate, knocked another dinger out of the park and has earned himself the Supervisor of the Month award. 

With his diligence and dedication, always thinking about going the extra mile and often going two, Jamie continues to grow with our organization. His team of “Burrito Banditos” continues to shine under his lead and I have no doubts that he will find his own diamond in the rough to shape into his own image for the next step. Never stop learning, never stop teaching. 

Outstanding job, Jamie, Congratulations!

Chef Colton Mackie