April Employee of the Month

Cheese Curds/Truck-Side Burnside

Tim Lundrigan

I am very pleased to announce our April employee of the month at Cheese Curds & Truck-Side, Tim Lundrigan. He started with us almost a year ago as our full time morning kitchen attendant, and he is still solid rock in that position today. Tim’s eagerness to learn has earned him opportunities in cooking positions also, with helping out on the fish station, Gweilo, and now Sea-Hawgs.

And he continues to shine. His big smile and knowledge about almost everything has him searching for bigger achievements in the fall as he continues his schooling. Being that go to guy when we need something done, his willingness to learn, and a machine at fry chipping made it an easy pick for our employee of the month. Tim Lundrigan everybody... the myth, the machine, the legend.

Executive Chef Ronnie Lace

Congatualtions Tim, from all us at Truck-Side!