May Employee of the Month

Habaneros Woodside

Tanya MacPhee

Tanya originally started at Cheese Curds in March of this year and only had a couple of training shifts before our busiest time of the year, Halifax Burger Week. She helped with the overflow of insurmountable prep work that goes along with Burger Week. I was so proud of her, myself having worked a lot of different places where someone gets thrown into situations like that in their second week, they usually end up quitting. Tanya relished in the role and was a huge help, demonstrating how strong she could be under that type of pressure. Which in turn allows me to push her a little harder and move her into different roles in the kitchen. 
With that being said, she is being moved to one of our daytime prep/opening positions at Habaneros this month. Tanya has a great smile and attitude, which is a valuable customer service asset, and at the same time keeps the moral of the kitchen upbeat. Congratulations and keep up the great work Tanya!

Chef Ryan Faulkner