December Employee of the Month

Cheese Curds / Habaneros Truro

Kellan has been with our team from the get go and he’s showed nothing but determination and eagerness to learn new skills. He’s quickly become one of the key performers in our operation here in Millbrook. Others look to him for energy and guidance which is generally a sought-after quality in this business.

Although many of our staff have been performing at a high level of success, Kellan has remained poised and asked questions in times of uncertainty. If you see Kellan in the restaurant, please take a moment to congratulate him on his early success here with Cheese Curds & Habaneros. He’ll most likely show you his amicable smile and ask you to kindly cheer for his favourite football team, the Denver Broncos! Congratulations Kellan.

Chef Tanner Morgan

Kellan Schrock