January Supervisor of the Month

Habaneros Burnside

Robert Dion

It is with great pleasure that I award the Supervisor of the Month to Robert Dion. Rob has worked his way through our kitchens with his "can do" attitude, and inquiring how he can make improvements. He wants to be the guy who shows he can do more than just what needs to be done, and to be a leader that makes a difference. 

Rob has worked in Cheese Curds and moved his way around all the kitchens in Truck-Side. Finally he found a home in Habaneros, where he took the kitchen and turned it into a well oiled machine. Rob likes the full tilt atmosphere and does a superb job of motivating his teammates. His professional work habits and focus on efficient kitchen production makes him a leader that we can all appreciate. Thank you Rob, very much deserved. 

Executive Chef, Ronnie Lace

Congratulations Rob!