April Employee of the Month

Blaine Wood

Cheese Curds/Habaneros
Clayton Park

Blaine started with us right out the gates in early March and adapted to our wicked world of Burgers & Burritos in fine fashion. This guy is all smiles and even has the common courtesy to play the coolest, jazzy Hip Hop instrumentals to carry us through the hectic rushes. Customers swore they walked into a classy wine bar by accident when they hear Blaine's music.  

A little 411 on Mr. Wood:

Favourite Past Time (Gaming)
Guilty Pleasures (Goat Simulator)
Celebrity Crush (Milla Jovovich)

As for the Fish......there's no significance. It's his "brand" he claims, and he has it tattooed on his wrist. Kudos Blaine.

Chef Tanner Morgan