In an industry where everyone is moving towards
pre-processed products, we are doing the opposite. 

We butcher, marinate, and slow-cook our meats. We pickle our own veggies, make our own sour creams and salsas. We are a Nova Scotia family owned business that has opened and now operates 12 restaurants, a brewery, catering division, and 5 food trucks since 2012. We pride ourselves on providing not just great quality, fresh, house-made food, at a great value, but also an exceptional service experience that will make our guests want to come back time and time again.

We are truly Chef Inspired®

Chef Inspired® is our trademark for a reason: it’s the philosophy our founder, Chef Bill Pratt, uses to guide everything we do.

We make as much of our food from scratch as we can, using Chef Bill’s original recipes; whenever possible we support local businesses and we make every effort to minimize our impact on the environment.

As a Nova Scotia family-run business, we offer more than incredible, fresh, chef-inspired® fare. We offer a completely unique gourmet experience, no matter what you choose from our menu.

Chef Inspired® Philosophy

Chef Bill’s restaurants offer a wide variety of chef-inspired food choices, but they’re all built on the same foundation. Our dishes offer:

  • Original twists on traditional recipes

  • Fresh (not processed) ingredients, sourced locally wherever practical

  • House-made products, from fresh burgers and fries to homemade pickles; pulled pork made from scratch; fresh sauces, and a range of condiments you won't find anywhere else

  • Affordable choices for delicious, quality food you can customize the way you like it, at reasonable prices

  • This isn’t “fast food,” and our restaurant decor and service reflect that.

Because we want every Chef Inspired® experience to be memorable, we apply our “with a twist” approach beyond the menu, to our décor, and even to the staff we choose to serve you.