gluten free information

At Chef Inspired Group of Restaurants we endeavor to offer several Gluten Free alternatives to our customers with celiac disease and related symptoms at all our restaurants, food trucks, and catered events. Due to our changing menus, the following is a good example, but not a complete list of gluten free menu items available at each restaurant. 

Cheese Curds:

Beef, chicken, salmon burgers, and buns that are cooked on a completely different cooking surface so there is no cross contamination. A cornucopia (over 50) of fresh prepared in house toppings for your burger or hot dog.

Some locations are able to offer fries which are cooked in a dedicated fryer. However the fryer oil is filtered through one system for all fryers which may cause a reaction to those with a serious condition of celiac disease. In addition, depending on how busy it is the dedicated fryer may have to be used for breaded items. Please enquire each visit prior to ordering fries. 

*Because we have the additional space at our Burnside location (600 Windmill Rd) we have invested heavily financially so that our gluten free customers will have peace of mind when they dine with us. What we mean by that is, we have one deep fryer with its own filtration unit that is specifically set aside for gluten free products. Here, you can enjoy a complete meal including fries without worry. 

Habaneros & Gecko Bus:

All of our Burrito Bowl salads without the tortilla shell are gluten free, with the exception of our vegan/vegetarian option. Our Bombay Curry, is made with chickpeas, which contain less than 5ppm gluten. Our rice, sour creams and salsas are also gluten free. Add to that, you have a wide variety of freshly prepared gluten free toppings to complete your Burrito Bowl salad. 

Truck-Side Food Truck Food Court:


Any unbreaded fish or seafood pan fried, and fries.


Dragon Fire and Pad Thai are made with rice noodles. Please confirm with the chefs regarding recipes containing soya sauce and the protein options, as some are breaded. 


BBQ Ribs, baked chicken, fries, and Caesar salad without the addition of croutons

*Our staff are also very verse in allergens and more than happy to assist with special requests or concerns. Before placing your order, please ensure you advise our staff that you are Gluten Free sensitive so they can ensure extra care and details when preparing your meal.